Wales Readathon – #Dewithon19



What do daffodils, Saint David’s Day and March 2019 have in common? And what the heck is a ‘dewithon’?*

They mean the Welsh Readathon is here!

During the month of March readers and bookbloggers all over the world are invited to read and share about the literature, culture and people of Wales. Through fiction, nonfiction, articles, tweets and book reviews we have the opportunity to dig a little deeper, if you’re like me, into a country I know little about.

The mastermind behind this celebration of all things Welsh is Paula Bardell-Hedley of The hub for the month where links to posts are located is here. Unfamiliar with the literature of Wales and need some guidance? Paula has posted links to writers and books in all genres here. On Twitter you can find people sharing their links and thoughts with these hashtags: #dewithon19 and walesreadathon19

But wait…there’s more! Paula has included a readalong and who doesn’t love a good community-wide readalong?! Published in 1908, The Autobiography of a Super-tramp, by W.H. Davies is about his adventures through the UK, Canada and the US. It is always illuminating to read descriptions of your own country from people traveling through and that this one is from the early 19th century is a bonus for me. (If this is not available in your area, Amazon has a Kindle copy). For more about Davies and the schedule for the readalong, go here.

My reading contribution at this point is Susan Cooper’s, The Grey King, which is part of her Dark is Rising Sequence. I would also like to read something from the Welsh diaspora, which I haven’t chosen yet, and I hope to be inspired by some surprises!

ETA: I think I’ll amend this list as books come up, as I just added Under Milk Wood, by Dylan Thomas to my short but growing pile.

Happy reading…or as they say in Wales, Mwynhewch ddarllen! (Enjoy reading!)


*Saint David is the patron saint of Wales and March 1st is his death anniversary
The daffodil is the national flower of Wales
Dewi is the diminutive form of Dafydd (David)

Of Gone with the Wind and War of the Worlds

Well, the Classics Club has spoken, er chosen, the magic Spin number of 19 and I will not be reading Gone with the Wind this time around…or will I? More on that below 🙂

No, 19 corresponds to a book in my ‘dreading to read/feel obligated to read section, which means I will be reading The War of the Worlds by the prolific H.G. Wells. I think my hesitation to read this classic has been because I felt I knew it already having heard many renderings of it on the radio, mimicking the original that scared the bejesus out of so many who heard it the first time.

At any rate, I am kind of relieved, because it is a short novel AND, if the number had been just one less, I would be reading Moby Dick, and *ack* on that. I know, I know…it is not nice to bash a classic, and I am sure for many this is a great book. But until it should come to pass that *I* have to read it, it shall remain on my ‘dreading to read’ list.

Which brings me to Gone with the Wind. I am so happy to share my good fortune! Jillian of a room of one’s own is going to do a readalong of it in just a few weeks. This is her favorite book; she knows it well; and I have signed up! And yes, it is in the midst of the Christmas crazies, but how can you not take advantage knowing your reading will be enhanced by someone so familiar with it???

Besides, reading is a good way to take a break during this time. It rests your fighting-the-crowds body and calms your stressed I-can’t-find-Uncle-John’s-gift mind, right? So join me if you will and sign in here to let Jillian know you are in.

On a more personal note: not only am I excited to finally read *this* classic, but I will be reading from my grandmother’s (z”l) copy. How special is that?!