How the Morning Pages Work for Me


I have been doing the Morning Pages from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way for many years. I am not a regular, but I go through spurts where I write every morning for many weeks. Recently, as the year was ending and a new one beginning, all that desire to let go of stagnation and the optimism of what to bring in found me at it again.

The style of writing for the Morning Pages is stream of consciousness and thoughts in the moment, as the object is words on the page, not a published-ready piece. The idea being what you put down on paper first thing in the morning will not haunt your thoughts for the rest of the day. And often, in an unconscious way, you will write your way out of whatever is bugging you. Since this often happens to me, I think it must be magic. I will actually move from Point A where I am absolutely stuck to Point B where I have the answer.

And every once in a while, I feel like I am getting guidance when I write; that the words being put down on paper are not my thoughts. This is especially obvious when I find the pronouns change from I/me to you. It is as if someone (me?) is trying to tell me something. It is an odd sensation to feel like the pen is moving at someone else’s prompt. But the words are always kind and encouraging pointing out what I’d forgotten about myself or giving me an idea I had not previously considered.

During these last few weeks I have been burning through the suggested three pages a day


Mission San Juan Capistrano

into four or five and am on my second pen! But each day I shed something: sometimes it’s minor, like rearranging my bookshelves to make better sense or something kind of scary as in reevaluating a relationship. And I am also reminding myself to do more of the things I love: exploring historical sites and writing about them, getting back to baking, trail walking and my Reik practice, for example.


I think the Morning Pages work for me because I have been journaling for a very long time and I know when to turn off the logic/researcher part of my brain and allow the dreamer/fantasy side to take over. I need to remember the importance of this balance as I go through the year.

Hey, it is almost the middle of January, I’d better get crackin’!


Not just a pile of sticks. I discovered a rat midden! Mission Trails, San Diego.