The Aftereffects of a 24-Hour Reading Jag

I still cannot believe I read (on and off, but mostly on) for 24 hours. I now know that there is a change of light in the night sky at 4 am…thanks to my dog and that coffee plus Lucci’s Walnut Divinity cookies are an energy-boosting powerhouse!

The Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon began last Saturday at 8am EST and continued for 24 hours. My start time in California was 5am. As a second-shifter type, admittedly, that was just not going to happen. So I decided to make my time 8am to 8am. Slightly, but not by much, more civilized 🙂

Little Women was my first book. It just enraptured me and I probably could have read it all day if the print wasn’t so small. Because I have seen film versions (Katharine Hepburn is the better Jo, imo), I thought I knew the story, but as usual when a book becomes a movie so much is left out. I can’t wait to get back to it.

Then started the mishaps. Not serious though and quickly remedied. The day before the Readathon I was happy to find LM Montgomery’s, The Story Girl and JK Rowlings, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at my favorite used bookstore. However, when I opened the cover, I discovered the Montgomery book was a short children’s adaptation and the Harry Potter book reeked with fragrance.  Thanks to my Kindle, I was able to download the unabridged edition of Montgomery’s book, but I had to put the Rowling book outside. I have a frustrating case of chemical sensitivity thaIMG_3755t turns into head and throat pain with just a few whiffs of perfume, cologne, cleaning products, and so on. Poor Harry and the gang are still on the patio airing out. So I just carried on with my Kindle for the rest of the night.

But the wonderful feeling that I allowed myself to read undisturbed for so many hours, without guilt or feeling like, “I should be doing something productive,” has made a big impact. I think I am going to do this for a day once in a while. The calming, relaxing feeling of having just been to a spa or meditated or doing something that took my mind off my troubles lingered into Monday and now I find just a thought of it has the same effect. Its value cannot be measured.

So, yes, October 22nd (because it is bi-yearly) can’t get here soon enough!