Blogging The Spirit: Adventures in Spirituality


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I enjoyed ‘Blogging the Spirit’ as a way for me to separate out my interest in comparative religion from the classic literature I read. As in the past, on the last Sunday of the month I will post something that has caught my religious or spiritual eye during the month either a book, an article, a program, a film or an item on social media. I am reviving it, but without any special fanfare this time 🙂

And as before, anyone is free to post links to similar topics in the comment section of each post. Some ideas:

Books, Art, Photography, Music, Poetry, Liturgy, Creativity

Some suggestions: a book review, a personal post on a particular practice, share a photo or piece of art. Is there a word or phrase or passage from your liturgy or spiritual books that you find beautiful? Does a particular melody or a song connect you to God every time you hear it?

If you use #bloggingthespirit I’ll Tweet and Instagram your link.

My Previous Posts

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Let me know what you think!

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