Books are journeys
Words, a compass
Writers, the guides
Me, the solitary traveler

Welcome to my blog!

This is a reader’s blog that journals thoughts and reactions and does not necessarily present a linear summary of the story.

I am mostly drawn to the fiction classics of the 19th and early 20th centuries. As I read and follow the characters’ journeys I take in the setting, the cultural, political, social and even the gastronomic details of daily life. I like to know something about the author’s intent and how the book was received in its time. I make notes, sit and ponder, then I write.

As I move into my 6th year of blogging classic literature is still a passion. But I have promised myself to read more nonfiction, plays, poetry and contemporary fiction. I am also finding I want projects. Lists, challenges, themes are tangible witness of accomplishments, however, I do enjoy spontaneous readalongs, buddy-reads or just picking up a book that piques my interest mentioned by another reader. The menu section reveals my yearly challenges and long-term projects. What I actually accomplish is anyone’s guess!

About Me

I live among surfers and other laid back folk in a small Southern California beach town. There is a river nearby that I love to ride my bike along and trails to walk in the nearby mountains. I enjoy leisurely Sunday drives up and down the coast and have long been an old movies maven of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Thank you for visiting ~Laurie

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