2023: The Operative Word is Adapt!

Misfortune had made Lily supple instead of hardening her, and a pliable substance is less easy to break than a stiff one. Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth

I have no idea how this new year is going to go. I do know this part, though: as for my personal medical issues, some are not resolved. I do not want to dwell on my physical shortcomings, but to see past them into how I can adapt. I missed that opportunity last year. I am looking at 2023 as a clean slate in learning to live with what I’ve been given and in the greater scheme of things, I have a lot. As in a lot of really good things and that is what I want as my primary focus.

As I enter my 68th year of life-it’s my birthday today!-who knows how the rest of the years will play out? I want to wake up each day to the gladness of being given a new day and to see that as a responsibility to live it well in generosity and gratitude.

I have been book blogging since September of 2015 and have known many of you from those early days. I marvel sometimes at this community, because while everyone reads some of the same books we also read books others have not or even heard of. I might make a note with a internal “Oo, thanks! That sounds right up my alley, why have I never heard of it?” and add that title to my “Recs from other Bloggers” list. Yes, the book blogging community is indeed a marvel of insight, deep awareness and some jolly good fun!

So, while no one can predict how our individual life will unfold in any given year, I have decided to stop blogging for the next several months to take some of the pressure off. Stepping away until I am healthier and can post consistently makes me feel better. As I read from the comfort of my easy chair short posts with my phone on Instagram and Twitter have worked well enough. This is just a little a temporary adjustment. An adaptation, of sorts!

I do want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, change in perspective if you need to like me, with some great adventures, good food and excellent coffee to top it all off, very good year.

Happy New Year!

21 thoughts on “2023: The Operative Word is Adapt!

  1. I saw that you have followed me on Dolce Bellezza, for which I thank you, yet I have moved to a new url. (Dolcebellezza.blogspot.com) I’m not sure that was wise, if old friends can’t find me, but anyway, there I am again. I have added you to my Blogroll there.❤️


      1. I miss you too, Laurie! I’ve reduced the time spent on my blog in favour of reading but that means I’m not in as much contact with my online friends, which is sad. Hopefully we’ll both find a spurt energy sometime this year and re-connect. Many blessings!


  2. Sharon

    Happy birthday and happy new year! I am a newbie to your blog but I can relate to needing a break, I tend to be an inconsistent blogger because of all the other demands in life. Instagram is great for those short posts but sometimes you do just need a break from the digital world and some down time to just read.


  3. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, Laurie! (how does it feel to have a birthday that is celebrated by the whole world? 😉 )
    I’m often amazed at the impact of this bookish community to my personal life. Like you, I often feel the joy of finding books I’ve never heard of from other bloggers.

    I’m sending you all best wishes for your recuperation, and may 2023 brings joy and strength to your life, reading, and blogging! *HUGS*

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    1. I was such a snotty little kid. My younger sister was born on the Fourth of July and I used to say, “only the United States celebrates YOUR birthday, but the whole world celebrates MY birthday.” Yikes 😬

      Thank you for your well wishes Fanda and I wish you all the best this year. And a big hug back🤗


  4. A double celebration, Laurie — I hadn’t realised! — so Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! I wish you better health for 2023 and success in your endeavours to ameliorate quality of life. Have a restful break from blogging, but you know that many of us will still be here for you if ever and whenever you chose to reappear in the blogosphere. All the best!

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