Thanks for the Giving

I am also grateful for my favorite little rock family.

Phew! This has been a year. I will not be sad to see the backside of 2022. I have been so medically challenged this year I am hoping the worst has peaked and calmer days are ahead. Of course, no one can be certain of future challenges….well, let’s not tempt the gods, Laurie…

Still, I am grateful for so much in small and large ways, especially the book blogging/bookstagram communities that I have been sharing books with for ages. It’s still a wonder to me the international aspects and the easy technology that makes it so.

On this day of Thanksgiving I want to say thank you to you bookish types for YOUR giving, and perseverance throughout the ups and downs of blogging and sharing on various social media platforms for providing the bookish food that has given me pause, made me think, often provoking an across-the-miles high-five and frustratingly, added to my tbr. Thank you, my bookish friends for the fruits of your reading and the offering of yourselves through the books you share. You have given me the world.

On this day I go into all the world. I stretch out my hand to lay hold of the uttermost parts of the earth. National boundary lines are converted into bonds of union, making of the nations of the eartha harmonious whole….I make room in my heart for the inheritance of a world.
Abbie Graham, The Ceremonials of Common Days (1923)

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10 thoughts on “Thanks for the Giving

  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Laurie!
    And I’m so glad and relieved that your health is getting better.
    Yes, books and bookish community is what makes life more bearable.
    I’m sorry for not being around or communicate more often, as I was struggling myself, and have just come out of it very recently.
    Anyway…. I wish you a stronger health and fun reading life ahead! ^_^

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  2. Heartfelt wishes for better health in the year ahead. It sounds like you do have some hope that might be possible, so may it come to pass. I concur in gratitude for books and for the bookish community. They have saved my life many times. May the books you need find you and may your challenges not prevent your connecting with them.

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    1. I never felt my body to be so vulnerable. And that’s is not a good mindset. Although there are certainly things we can’t help, I’ve come to realize I have neglected some important aspects, because generally I’ve been healthy.

      I am learning more about myself through all of this and that has been good. There is always something positive in these situations, even though it may take awhile to see it!


  3. A regular and reliable highlight of most days comes with interacting particularly with bookish bloggers, Laurie, and of course I count you among that number! I’m sorry you’ve had your health problems, especially coming on top of the pandemic which has disturbed, disrupted and affected so many of us in different ways. Like FictionFan and Lizzie I wish the best for you both mentally and physically, and though it may seem like a curse I too hope your book pile continues to grow – in the nicest possible fashion of course!

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