Back to the Classics

This is one of the challenges I find the most fun and though last year I wasn’t very successful, I feel this is my year to complete it. Hosted by Karen of Books and Chocolate, it is a 12-book challenge with different categories. Some information from her site:
  • Complete six categories, and you’ll get one entry in the drawing;
  • Complete nine categories, and you’ll get two entries in the drawing;
  • Complete all twelve categories, and you’ll get three entries in the drawing
THE CATEGORIES and my choices:
1. 19th Century Classic. Portrait of a Lady, Henry James
2. 20th Century Classic. Room with a View, EM Forster
3. Classic by a Woman Author. Middlemarch, George Eliot
4. Classic in Translation. The Dream, Émile Zola
5. Classic by a Person of Color. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass
6. A Genre Classic. Invisible Man, HG Wells (Science Fiction)
7. Classic with a Person’s Name in the Title. David Copperfield, Charles Dickens
8. Classic with a Place in the Title. The Ladies Paradise, Émile Zola
9. Classic with Nature in the Title. First Men in the Moon, HG Wells
10. Classic About a Family. Wives and Daughters, Elizabeth Gaskell
11. Abandoned Classic. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
12. Classic Adaptation. Sanditon, Jane Austen

20 thoughts on “Back to the Classics

  1. I HATED Pride & Prejudice, & then I reread it & I loved it. Watch Charlotte for the point she is making. She says everything about Elizabeth you’d expect in a love story, but I say the book is complicated by Charlotte in a BIG way.

    FREDERICK DOUGLASS!!! I adore him and must read more.

    I think you’ll love David Copperfield. It’s one of my favorites. The same with A Portrait of a Lady. ❤

    Don't be worried that I abandoned Middlemarch. I love it!! I wanted to wait to read it until I could give it the time it deserves. I feel that it will prove a favorite. x

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  2. Good ideas. I see Ruth saying she likes Frederick Douglas. I may swoop that one for the Harriet Jacobs, -or not-. In time, I should read both.

    Middlemarch, Pride and Prejudice, and Wives and Daughters are all solid and excellent XIX century choices.

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  3. Oh, Middlemarch is on my list as well, but as my “Abandoned Classic.” Same with Jillian, methinks. We should all swap thoughts! David Copperfield is one of my favorite Dickens, so I hope you like it. And I’ve got a Gaskell planned, too, although mine is North and South. (Although, the only one I found at the bookstore was Wives and Daughters, so maybe I should have just swapped that out! Darn.) I love seeing multiple Austens on your list; Heather is doing a whole bunch of Austen for her challenge/this year. Exciting! Maybe I should bring back my Austen in August event?

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    • I have twice tried to read P&P and found it boring with unlikable characters, so I put it down. This challenge will force me to read it through! I have read everything else by her except Emma, which I have to read for my Classics Club this year. Mansfield Park was ok and the only book I really enjoyed was Northanger Abbey, but it is not like the rest. It may be sacrilege, but I am not an Austen fan.

      I wonder how I will react to Middlemarch? I have put it off because of its reputation as being one of the great works of literature. That’s a lot of pressure and yikes, what if I don’t like it, either?!!


  4. You have many favorites of mine on your list: Room with a View, Frederick Douglass, P&P.
    I’m also planning to read Sanditon this year. And I know I’m supposed to tackle Middlemarch and David Copperfield, but…maybe next year.

    Good luck!

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