Classics Club Spin #21


The Classics Club is community of readers sharing our love for classic literature. Participants create a list of 50 or more classic lit titles that we agree to read within 5 years. A “Spin” is to take 20 titles you have not read from that list and number them 1-20. When the Spin gods choose a number your corresponding title is the book you will read and post about. For Spin #21 we are encouraged to post by October 31st.

The Classics Club is a wonderful way to meet like-mined classics lovers and have some fun. Yes….classic lit and fun CAN be in the same sentence πŸ™‚

From the Classics Club website where you can get the full scoop on the Club and the Spin:

This is meant to be a fun, social way to read another book from your classics club list. We’re very relaxed about how you set it up, we simply want you to read more classics!

This Spin I am happy to say is a special one as I am only a few titles away from finishing my list, so I have chosen to repeat the titles I have not read on my list, instead of choosing any from my book shelf (can you say Frankenstein)?

Ok Spin gods…pick the monster, please πŸ™‚

George Eliot
1. Middlemarch (1874)

E.M. Forster
2. Room with a View (1908)

Elizabeth Gaskell
3. Mary Barton (1848)
4. Wives and Daughters

Henry James
5. Portrait of a Lady (1881)
6. The Ambassadors (1903)

Mary Shelley
7. Frankenstein (1818)

H. G. Wells
8. First Men in the Moon (1901)
9. The Invisible Man (1897)

Virginia Woolf
10. To the Lighthouse (1927)

11. Frankenstein

12. Wives and Daughters

13. Frankenstein

14. First Men in the Moon

15. Frankenstein

16. Portrait of a Lady

17. Frankenstein

18. Middlemarch

19. Frankenstein

20. Room with a View



29 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #21

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  2. I’m with Brian – read Frankenstein regardless! I read it last year for RIP for the first time…which is helping to inform my current modern day read of Jeanette Winterson’s Frankissstein. I doubt I would be enjoying it anywhere near as much as I am without that read (& the bio I read about Mary Shelley & her mother).

    Congrats on being so close to the end of your first cc list πŸ™‚

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  3. All of these sound good, but I’ll be kind and hope you get Frankenstein! I re-read it last year and realised I’d forgotten just what a wonderful book it is. However… I’m really hoping for number 9 for myself, which would then mean you were reading The Invisible Man, but that’s very good too, so I don’t feel bad for you… πŸ˜‰

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  4. Well, in spite of it being close to Halloween and in spite of loving Frankenstein, I do hope you get …….. Middlemarch! I loved that book and have been itching to pick it up again for a second read. To The Lighthouse is awesome as well! BUT … I do hope you get the book you want! πŸ™‚

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