A Pause in Posting: The Eyes Have It!



I spoke briefly about my adventures with skin cancer last Fall. Another fallout from growing up in Southern California and years of sun exposure–I am old enough to have spent many summers frying my skin because the words ‘sun block’ were not a product–is the development of a non age-related cataract in my right eye. These types are determined as such by the fact that the damage is on a different part of the lens. They are also fast growing. My eyesight began to change in April and by the end of May it was time to call the doctor.

I just had the appointment and I hope to have surgery next month. I was scared when this first began, but now I can’t wait to have it taken care of, because it has affected my ability to read. You may have noticed I am posting less; that’s because I read slower and, oh my, this is frustrating! I also find my laptop screen is sometimes blurry, which is why I am not commenting on your posts so much.

I am going to do myself a favor and take time off Relevant Obscurity until sometime in July. I don’t know what the recovery period is for cataract surgery…I won’t leave altogether, because hey, I am right in the middle of Persuasion (and liking it SO much better than Pride and Prejudice…oops, I did just say that, didn’t I?) and I know I will want to blog about it. I will continue to read slowly and do the best I can. And I know I’ll “Like” and pop up on your blogs if I can. Fortunately, I see very well off the page, so other parts of my life can continue as usual.

And may I just leave you with this: Wear sunscreen and a hat, as well as uv protecting sunglasses!


I still go to the beach, but this is my attire now ๐Ÿ™‚

31 thoughts on “A Pause in Posting: The Eyes Have It!

  1. We are so fortunate that cataract surgery is so easy now! Best wishes from me too, and I look forward to seeing you post more in future. I have a little baby cataract and someday I’ll need the surgery too. It is wonderful to me that the procedure is now so easy that they can do it quickly and cheaply for so many all over the world.

    I too did a bit of frying in my youth but I only burn and freckle, so it was particularly useless. Now I have rosacea and can’t deal with the sun at all.


  2. Take care of yourself, Laurie! I send positive thoughts your way for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Like Brian said above, maybe audio books would be helpful right now. If not, enjoy some slow coffee with your slow reading! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I’m adding my best wishes and hopes to those of everyone else, and look forward to when Relevant Obscurity moves out of relative obscurity where vision is concerned: thank goodness too for the solace of creative vision!


  4. I hear ya! Oh, how I have ruined my skin with this California sun. : (

    But now I always wear sunscreen and a hat, hoping I am not too late.

    May your surgery is smooth and successful.

    P.S. I’m with you on Persuasion. : )


  5. I am so sorry to hear about your cataracts. I also have them but they have not affected me yet. I see me opthomoligist every three months so they are often checked. I will eventually need surgery however. I hope that you recover quickly. I do not know if they are your thing, but you could try audiobooks in the interim. Persuasion is such a great book.


    1. Apparently, the age related type are inevitable as we get to be old people. I do have a teeny tiny one in my left eye, but that’s age-related and will be years before it will bother me.

      I discovered I can read well on my Kindle, because I can enlarge the font, so I gave up on Persuasion for the time being and started a couple of others. Modern technology!


  6. Oh, best wishes for the surgery! My mother had cataract ops and if I remember correctly the recovery period was remarkably quick with her noticing a difference within a few days. And that was years ago, so hopefully it’s all even smoother now.


  7. Sorry to hear this Laurie. I hope the operation goes smoothly and well (cataract ops are largely routine these days, thank goodness), and that in the meantime you can still enjoy your slower reading. Maybe you will notice more along the journey? Best wishes. Denzil

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