Morning Prayer-Spring Equinox 2018




I arise facing East,
I am asking toward the light;
I am asking that my day
Shall be beautiful with light.
I am asking that the place
Where my feet are shall be light,
That as far as I can see
I shall follow it aright.
I am asking for the courage
To go forward through the shadow,
I am asking towards light!–Mary Austin


Mary Austin wrote about life in the Sierra Nevada mountains and valleys of California, about the Native peoples, the white settlers, the animals and the natural rhythm of the area.

2 thoughts on “Morning Prayer-Spring Equinox 2018

    • I have friends in New York and it’s crazy what you all have been going through! Stay safe and warm, Brian.

      We are expecting a big rainstorm here tonight and into tomorrow, so Austin reminds me that it is a good time to think of the Sierras, hoping this cold weather will help with the snow pack, which means water for us city folk 🙂

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