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Here is the connecting post. You can use the comment section below to submit the url of your offering. And I encourage you to use the hashtag #BloggingTheSpirit on Twitter and Instagram so we can find you, too.

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8 thoughts on “#BloggingTheSpirit

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    • Susan, you must be psychic! Seriously, I was just thinking about Thoreau this morning and how I’d planned on reading so much of him this year due to his bicentennial. That post was published just after my dad died and my reading life went downhill for awhile. I was half way through ‘Walking’ when I stopped….

      Thank you so much for this. I will hie thee to your posts!


    • Denzil, thank you so much for participating!

      I loved this post. I am a big walker and hiker in nature and I thoroughly agree with your words. Especially this: “Resolve to visit your local forest regularly throughout the year – maybe once a week or month. Experience its peace and beauty. Take time to stop and look at the wild flowers. Listen to the birds.”

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