Austen in August

All that angst about expanding my blog to include a wider variety of books and what do you know? I plan on immersing myself in Jane Austen this month thanks to the many Austen in August events going on. Admittedly, I have an abysmal track record on keeping up with these events and challenges, but I did make a plan that includes books and films, so I am opting for optimism. And I finished Northanger Abbey last week, so I am off to a good start!

The main Austen event for me is Austen In August hosted by Adam of the Roof Beam Reader blog, following along with his blog and on Twitter, #AustenInAugustRBR



Three films chosen for no other reason than I own them

ETA-Thanks to Brona (Bronasbooks), I just added Love & Friendship which I found on Amazon Prime 🙂


Northanger Abbey



Mansfield Park



A Walk with Jane Austen: A Journey into Adventure, Love & Faith,  by Lori Smith

I look forward to learning more about Austen this month.

5 thoughts on “Austen in August

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  2. I also have an abysmal track record with reading challenges and events, but the spirit is always willing! Persuasion is currently tied with P&P as my favorite Jane Austen novel (I’m currently reading Emma and there’s no danger of that novel knocking either off top spot). I don’t believe I’ve seen a movie adaptation of it Persuasion, so I must track down the one you’ve shown here.

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    • Well, it’s early in the month, so think positive with me!

      I read P&P years ago and Sense and Sensibility more recently, although I have to say I loved this film adaptation as much as the book, which isn’t usually the case with films.

      Films are tricky, because they have their own perspective of telling the story. I hope this one lives up, in its own way, to your love of the book!


  3. There’s a fabulous Northanger Abbey BBC production from the 80’s I think with Peter Firth & Robert Hardy (vale ;-( ) I also prefer the 80’s BBC version of P&P, but I’m in a minority with that one.

    I’ve just finished Lady Susan & hope to watch Love & Friendship now.

    Happy Austen in August 🙂


    • I can’t seem to get a hold of those Northanger Abbey productions, but I looked up Love and Friendship and I can watch it on Amazon Prime. So thanks for that addition 🙂

      Perfect timing as it is so hot here, a stay-at-home weekend to watch movies is perfect!

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