Apparitions and Invisible Friends

“…Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will suffer much and various nations will be annihilated.” Our Lady of Fatima to the children at the Cova


Lucia, Francisco, Jacinta

I watched a film on the Fatima apparitions recently called, the 13th Day. The story is about three young sheep herders in Portugal Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, who experience a series of visions on a hillside of a beautiful woman they call, The Lady from Heaven, but who later reveals herself to be the Virgin Mary.


Watching the miracle of the sun.

At the last appearance and with the crowd topping over 70,000 on the hillside the children ask The Lady for a visible sign so all might believe. The Lady gives a miracle: the sun spins and falls to earth, before pulling back at the last minute. You can read eyewitness accounts here.

Visitations of religious figures are part of many religions. Mary, Jesus, Hindu gurus, saints of all religions, angels and ‘higher beings’ have been appearing to people for millennia. In the rationally technological 21st century, we tend to question manifestations like this. Most are the Scully type and want to find a “logical explanation” for what they see, rather than the Mulder kind, who just “want to believe.” *

I admit I am a Mulder type. While I have not experienced a direct visitation by a well-known religious figure or any other figure for that matter, I have had enough puzzling and not quite normal experiences to make me wonder. I usually feel things rather than see them, but they make enough of an impression on me to acknowledge I am not always alone.

I personally think many of us have these experiences, but we’re not comfortable enough to speak of them in public. Even with the rise of psychic stars such as John Edward, James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne and the proliferation of paranormal investigative cable tv shows, most of us raise our eyebrows at such visitations and would rather laugh it off to manipulation of emotions than admit to our own belief. Getting back to Fatima, critics and skeptics have given various explanations of the unusual event of the sun, including retinal distortion from sun gazing, psychological manipulation, a dust storm from the Sahara desert and a natural phenomenon called a sun dog.

It is interesting to think that most of us had imaginary friends as children, yet as adults, we expect them to be long gone. Visitations from “the other side” are as old as we are. You’d think humankind would have accepted this as normal or at least plausible by now. What holds us back from believing in our own experiences? Why do some of us try and talk ourselves out of them or come up with excuses as to why our meetings with dead people must be something else? Why can’t we just believe?

* The X-Files. Two F.B.I. agents investigate unexplained incidents. Dana Scully, medical doctor, scientist, logical. Fox Mulder, acts on emotions, wants to believe.

8 thoughts on “Apparitions and Invisible Friends

  1. Cool, I’d never heard of the Fatima apparitions before. What an interesting event! Maybe I’m more of a Scully type, but I also think it’s part of human nature to ascribe miracles/magic/etc. to supernatural or divine causes when we can’t imagine how they’d otherwise fit into our current “logical” understanding of the physical world. Just because we can’t quite explain why something might happen, doesn’t mean it CAN’T happen, right?


    • Yes, I agree. And I also think as we evolve (assuming we don’t kill us off!), many experiences we now think are supernatural or miraculous are really just normal occurrences as we expand our understanding of consciousness.

      ETA: I just realized you have a blog. For some reason it doesn’t show up on your emails to my inbox. So I just subscribed 🙂


  2. As you know, I’m not religious, but I too have had those seemingly inexplicable experiences, at least inexplicable by logical laws of cause and effect. I find it best not to try to explain them away because I haven’t been, nor will be, in command of all the ‘facts’ and circumstances.

    I’m happy to call them miracles of a sort — etymologically just meaning ‘something that occasions wonder’ — without trying to imagine it as a sign of a divine intervention, message from the spirit world or alien communication. It may be any of these things of course, or none, but I’m content to be full of wonder!

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    • Since these experiences have been going on for so long, I think the time will come when we see them as normal. And I think at this time in human evolution many people already do.

      We have these ‘something that occasions wonder’ as children, so easily. It is nice to know many of us have them as adults a well 🙂

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