A Question for my Readers: Multiple Blogs, Multiple Platforms?

I see that many of the book bloggers I follow have more than one blog; that they like to keep their book blog separate from personal writings or other types of content.

I adore wordpress for its ease of posting and receiving comments, but if I use this platform for another blog, I have to log out of Relevant Obscurity and log into the new one. It is a pain and sometimes I forget and comment on someone’s book blog only to find I am still logged into my personal blog.

So, I am looking to set up another nonbookblog and need some advice on platforms.

For those of you who have more than one blog, how do you maneuver from one to the other? If you have two wordpress sites do you have the problem I do and how do you overcome it? (Or do you have different problems with more than one wordpress blog)?

If you have a blog on other than wordpress or blogger platforms what is it and do you recommend it? Or do you have any other type of suggestion or advice that might help me?

You can also email me privately,
Thanks so much!


10 thoughts on “A Question for my Readers: Multiple Blogs, Multiple Platforms?

  1. Hmm – I thought you could have more than one blog under the same logon on WordPress? I have sample blogs that I try things out on but don’t make public and I don’t have to log out to use them – but they do all use the same FictionFan name for posting. Personally, I find WP so much easier to leave comments on and get replies that I wouldn’t consider moving to another platform, even when WP annoy me…

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  2. I have three WordPress blogs, using three different, free themes: my main one is literature-related, one is a photoblog and the last features the occasional micropoetry and flash fiction.

    So, to answer some of your questions: I find it easy to switch from site to site without having to log in and out. My Calmgrove avatar stays with me but each blog has a different name, theme and identity. Like Jeanne I pretty much exclusively use Tumblr to repost, in my case stuff from my blogs: it has a different name again.

    Hope that helps!


  3. I use the same name–the non-necromancer–on my tumblr blog, but I don’t write much there (I mostly re-post fan stuff that strikes my fancy). I pretty much put the personal in with what I say about books, as today’s post about going to see Hamilton and then reading poems evidences.

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