The Last and the First


The Lone Crow

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I really get into the ‘letting go of the old and making plans for the new.’ And there is so much to let go of this year personally, professionally and from what I take in from the larger world.

I won’t beat around the bush on that last one. The election of Donald Trump has driven me into a frenzy of panic and lashing out at times. I have used Twitter to bash and malign, using turns of phrase I didn’t know I had in me. I have mimicked and mocked liked the best of them. Then I got up from my laptop feeling sick, icky and like I needed a really hot germ-banishing shower. Just because I CAN say those things, doesn’t mean I have to. While I am not stepping out of the Trumpian fray altogether, I am not going to use Twitter like that anymore.

I don’t make specific resolutions. Each year I look at what worked and what didn’t, what needs to be let go of or maybe just needs a tweak. In these last few months I have been creating a business that has had its ups and downs, so I am working hard on those tweaks. I have found myself rather isolated because of that, which has put my ‘work to socializing’ indicator out of whack, so I want to balance that out.

I also need to hike and trail walk more and get out on my bike regularly. I will continue to buy my bread from my favorite bakery (so I take that back, I did make this resolution in 2014 and I am still doing it!) and take more day trips.



Have more adventures in 2017!


In regards to Relevant Obscurity, I am so happy with the connections I have made with other bloggers, the conversations we’ve had and the posts that taught me something new. I enjoyed the challenges I participated in that expanded my knowledge of authors and their work, which in turn has helped to shape what I want to read next year. I plan to expand my posts a bit to include some of the nonfiction history, biography and religion I read. I’ve entered several new challenges, which will all necessitate a more regular posting schedule…thinking positive about that!



I will read more books at the beach in 2017!

I am sitting here as the rain falls in San Diego, one of my favorite places to visit. I am surrounded by my dog and her doggie cousin, two cats, some fish and Daisy the Russian tortoise is upstairs. I am about to get a bagel from the best bagel shop anywhere and will spend the day cozied up with books, and a movie or two. Tomorrow, even if it rains, will find me on a trail somewhere in Mission Trails on my annual New Year’s Day walk. It’s my birthday and there is no better way to spend that day and the first day of any year than out in Nature.



Rain or shine I am here tomorrow!

I wish all my book blogging friends a Happy, Prosperous, Life-Loving 2017!

12 thoughts on “The Last and the First

  1. Belated happy birthday! I make sort-of goals, a couple of ideas I want to work towards. I find the more ‘official’ I get with it, the less they happen. Love your idea for New Years and all the best for your business!


  2. This is a lovely post. Happy birthday and happy new year! Good luck with your business and I hope you’re having a lovely time in San Diego.


  3. Here’s to a year of positive thinking and doing, Laurie, and blogging about books is one of the most positive things I can think of just now! Looking forward to what you have in store for us and wishing success in your every endeavour. 🙂


  4. Happy New year Laurie. NYE is definitely my fave day of the year – I love planning and this gives me the annual excitement of planning for the coming 365 days – although I tweak stuff all the time anyway.
    Believe me you’re not the only one who has had to pull back from anti_Trump comments. I had to unfriend a family member (in-law) on FB as I couldn’t stand his anti-climate change, pro-Trump nagging any longer, and my replies were eventually going to cause a rift. A bit unfair but he’s an idiot anyway 😉 And we’re not even American!
    Love to visit SD one day – its a geocaching hotspot with a weekly podcast produced by a couple of SD’ers. As for walking, i am contemplating another long distance hike in the UK this year – possibly Offa’s Dyke – I have already hiked the West Highland Way and the Coast to Coast Way.
    Quite a long comment but much of what you wrote sparked my thoughts. Have a wonderful, productive 2017 and enjoy your NYD walk and bagel!!!! See you in the pages.


    • Oh man, the UK has some of the best historical walking spots! Makes my little Medieval history major heart skip a beat or two 🙂 I have a friend in Scotland who is a big geocacher…er, whatever you call yourselves! I’ll have to tell her about San Diego.

      Yes, I have a family member too, a close one, who voted Trump and it split part of the family. I love her in every other way, so I won’t be doing that. We have turned off notifications of each other on FB and we have had to respect that we can’t talk about anything political in person and will have to leave it that way for the duration. A lot of families are going through this and only time will tell what the real fallout will be. It’s sad, but Trump has already shown his true colors and will be the most polarizing President we ever had.

      Thanks for the nice comment. I hope you and Kimmy have great and wonderful 2017! Remember, when (or if) you get to the Aeneid, let me know!


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