Lost in the Wilds of San Diego

I am on vacation in the wonderful Southern California city of San Diego. I am house-sitting for my sister, and with my dog the menagerie includes two dogs, four cats, some fish and a renegade turtle.

Since I visit so often I have come to really enjoy my time here. Plenty of places to hike and trail walk, visit California historical sites, experience the incredible variety of restaurants and ethnic and vegan/vegetarian food choices, not to mention the several used bookstores that I go to over and over again.

Concerning the latter, I have been here two days and have already bought three books. Considering I will be here until at least next Friday, I am not doing very well pacing my book-buying Self. Yikes, I’d better slow that one down!

I plan on reading a lot, but I am not sure how much I will be posting while I am here. I am always so active, trying to take in as much as possible.

If you ever contemplate a trip to this fine state and you want an alternative or an addition to LA, go south. You won’t regret it.

Some of my favorites:


This peak is South Fortuna and I am madly in love with her. I am not a climber, so I can only worship her from afar. Mission Trails Regional Park


Adams Avenue Book Store. Located in a 1920s building, it used to be someone’s two-story home. The cooking department is upstairs in the kitchen. Over-stuffed chairs and cats are spread out in equal measure.  It is known for its literary classics and religion departments. It scares me to go in here. I know I will find everything I can’t afford to buy.



IMG_1661     IMG_1668    IMG_1681


IMG_1679     IMG_1672

Historic Old Town. There are some haunted spots. Just sayin’ 🙂




IMG_1603    IMG_1613

Rosecrans National Cemetery and the Cabrillo National Monument



balpark     IMG_3548

Balboa Park and downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter

Happy Trails….



4 thoughts on “Lost in the Wilds of San Diego

  1. Oh, how fun! If you go down to Seaport Village you must visit the Upstart Crow bookshop. And if you go out to Coronado you might like to check out Bay Books. And of course the main branch of the public library there is incredibly impressing and a lovely place to spend some time.


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