International Hummus Day

I am not a poet, but on this special day one of my favorite foods needs a poem.

Please indulge me…if not in it 🙂



O hummus, you savory golden mush of chickpea and spice,

You are rooted in the place you were born, yet many cultures now claim you.

Garlic, roasted red pepper, artichoke or Kalamata olive sprinkled with pine nuts

We dip you, spread you, and lick you from a spoon.

Though pita caught you first, vegetables vie for your slather.

And salad leaves long for your touch of oil and tahini.

For me, my morning is happiest when with bagel and hummus, I begin the day.

4 thoughts on “International Hummus Day

  1. I used to live with Lebanese during college years and they made excellent hummus. The other day, when I visited Napa’s wine tour, the guide was from Egypt and he also treated us with great tasting hummus.
    Olive oil makes a big difference.
    Very nostalgic (laugh).


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