What I am Reading in March (and it’s not what I thought)!

Two things happened over the last week that completely derailed my carefully planned out reading life for the next several months: I wrote up my review of L. M. Montgomery’s The Blue Castle, and had to admit the pull of images and text from my reading of The War of the Worlds has not and will not stop.

Firstly, I just have to know more about the woman, L. M. Montgomery. While I enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables series, The Emily books really struck home for me. But there is something about The Blue Castle that is calling me to learn more about Montgomery herself. So, I decided I will read one more novel, The Story Girl, since she said it was her best work (and although she was still a fairly young writer when she said that, I wonder if she ever changed her mind?). Then I will spend a month, either April or May, concentrating on her letters and journals and maybe a biography or two. I am not sure what I am looking for, but this desire to know more has become too insistent to ignore.

Secondly, more H. G. Wells? This attraction totally blind-sided me. Although The War of the Worlds is on my Classics Club reading list it wasn’t something I planned on reading so soon after joining up. It happened to fall on my list as the January Spin #11. And if they had chosen another number….?!

But I loved it! I can honestly say I was enthralled, sucked in, drawn along with the Narrator in each twist and turn of his journey. The narrative was so good, the social commentary on how a catastrophe affects people, fascinating. The scenes of Martian destruction created pictures in my mind I can’t forget. So, yes, I decided to read more this month. I never considered myself to be a science fiction kind of a gal…I blame good writing!

My projected reading list for March, which I am declaring “My March Month of (Mostly) Sci Fi” looks like this:

H. G. Wells:
The Invisible Man
The Time Machine
The Island of Dr. Moreau

About Wells:
H. G. Wells: Another Kind of Life, by Michael Sherborne
Aspects of a Life, by Anthony West (Wells’ son)

Jules Verne:
Journey to the Center of the Earth (Wells’ contemporary)

(And thank you to Jo Wass for suggestions for this reading list).

Little Women, because I must stay on some kind of track for the Classics Club and to better participate in Susan Bailey’s wonderful blog, Louisa May Alcott is my Passion. I have a feeling somewhere down the road I will have a Louisa May Alcott month, but let’s stay on the topics at hand for now 🙂

I am also reading some nonfiction as well as one book each for my reading challenges, which I am behind on. Can I catch up? Can I do it all?

March will be a verrrrry interesting month!


15 thoughts on “What I am Reading in March (and it’s not what I thought)!

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  2. Your new interest (obession? ;-)) with Montgomery should yield some wonderful things. Feel free to chime in on her on the Louisa blog if you think it fits. Especially with regard to The Blue Castle and the heroine’s relations with her family. I was struck by this (the “dark side” of close families) because I had just written about that essay with regards to female relations in the 19th century (http://louisamayalcottismypassion.com/2016/02/26/a-thousand-kisses-i-love-you-with-my-whole-soul-relations-between-women-in-the-19th-century-as-reflected-in-little-women/). I would love it if you would add to the comments on that post about The Blue Castle because your summary was an excellent flip side to close family relationships and how they can smother as well as nurture. And please, feel free to link back to your post so my readers can learn more and perhaps read the book themselves.


  3. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for that suggests there’s something, you just don’t know yet 🙂 Good idea to read The Story Girl – I think that’s less well-known than even The Blue Castle? You’ll be all knowledgeable at this rate 🙂 Not read War of the Worlds but The Time Machine is brilliant and sports a lot of commentary. I like your idea of reading a contemporary at the same time.


    • Do you know I only read ‘Anne of Green Gables’ about three years ago? Yes! This and so many other children’s classics I somehow missed growing up. From then until now, I read all 8 in that series, plus the 3 ‘Emily’ books and now The Blue Castle and there is still so much more! Montgomery’s output was prolific 🙂 At this point I see patterns and themes that interest me. So thank you for supporting this search for “what, I don’t know!”

      Good to know about The Time Machine. Yes, I think it is his social commentary that surprised and hooked me.


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